About us

The Rosycross Foundation is a platform for gnostic-hermetic thinking, an online and offline platform for the beautiful, the good and the true that can unfold in and through people. 

The Foundation organises a number of annual symposia and lectures.

In its activities, the Rosycross Foundation's hermetic gnostic-platform offers ever-new opportunities to investigate, try out and experience the Light and depth of this way of thinking. 
The Rosycross Foundation wants to offer a platform to people that in some way or other endeavour to elevate the human heart and consciousness, who seek the Light of the One in the human being and in all of creation: thinkers, writers, artists, musicians, scientists and others on the quest to the beauty of free-thinking.

We start from a gnostic and hermetic perception and vision of life.

Gnosticism because we think all knowledge is to be found in man.

Hermeticism because man, world and cosmos are inseparable and constantly transforming from substance to soul to spirit.

Spirit as the light that makes everything alive.

Our activities therefore, always offer a new occasion to examine, weigh and experience the Light and the depth in heart and mind.

Carel Hes – Wendelijn van den Brul – Peter Huijs

Founders of the Rosycross Foundation (since 2012)